Places to stay


Freecamping at recreational area down towards the river Austbygdåe. Situated in the beautiful nature in Telemark and Sandsetdalen. A popular area for fishing and hiking. 60.0865,

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A small freecamp with a view over Hjerkinnsdammen. The dam was made by Folldal mining in connection with mining in the Tverrfjellet mine at Hjerkinn.

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Old damsystem buildt for floating of timber. Haldammen is an old listed damsystem for timber floating. There has been activity here since the first water

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Freecamping at the parking area for the recreational area of Bøsanden – One of the natural wonders of northern Norway. The road down to this

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Large area for freecamping at the shores of “Femunden”. This is a popular spot for starting a canoeing or fishing expedition into the wilderness at

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Freecamp with a fantastic view over the fjord towards Skjervøya and Laukøya. Geitvika freecamp are located in Skjervøy municipality in Troms county. This area of

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