Driving in Norway

Driving a motorhome in Norway.

Rules and regulations.

You can drive in Norway with a valid UK or other EU/EEA driving licence. There is no need for an international driving permit unless you are travelling from USA or other nationalities. Be shure to have the correct vehicle insurance before you arrive. Combined vehicles (car + caravan) can have max vehicle width of 2,55 m. Maximum permissible vehicle lengths on national highways: 18,75 m. It is not many roads in Norway with restrictions on vehicle lengths. Drivers of car + caravan with a combined length of more than 12,40m must however check if allowed to drive on the intended roads. General speedlimit is 80 km/h on open roads outside towns and villages and 50 km/h in populated areas if not otherwise specified by roadsigns. Winter tyres are as a rule mandatory from 1 november to 15 april.

Other important rules and regulations :

– Keep headlights on at all times.
– You must yield to pedestrians at zebra crossings.
– Overtaking is only allowed on long straightways and only on the left side even on dual line highways.
– Fines for exeeding speed limits are quite high!
– On roads NOT marked by a priority sign (yellow diamond), you must give way to traffic from the right.
– Don’t drink and drive, limit is 0,2 promille blood alcohol concentration.
– Never pass a red traffic light even if the road is clear. No right turn at red light!

You can obtain more and up to date information from the Roads Information Service on tel. 175 (in Norway) or (+47) 22 65 40 40.

Toll roads

There are more than 200 toll stations in operation in Norway! AutoPASS is the Norwegian automatic system for collection of tolls. At most tollstaions you pass straight trough without stopping and with a valid AutoPASS contract, a discount is conceded. When passing a toll collection point a picture are taken of your registration plate. The owner of foreign vehicles are invoiced by Euro Parking Collection plc. It is IMORTANT to register your vehicle type and Euro class to get the correct tariff. More information at Autopass.no 

Travelling with pets to Norway!

Owing to the risk of rabies and dangerous parasites, very stringent rules are in force for the importation of dogs, cats and other animals. If you are not following the guidelines for travelling with pets you could face severe penalities. More information from Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Norwegian Customs.

Camping gas

jYou can buy camping gas from Statiol and AGA AS witch have outlets throughout Norway. There are also several automatic gas outlets – More information at propanautomat.no