Trip ideas

Wildernessroad in the north

A diverse alternative to E6. The road goes past Norway's second largest lake and Northern Norway's highest mountain.

Nordland is Norway’s second largest county and clearly the most extensive. If you are heading along the E6, this detour can be a welcome break and variation from the beaten track. Of course, it takes longer than driving the E6, but we are happy to exchange some time into beautiful nature experiences. 

This trip will take you along Bjørgefjell national park and Røssvatnet.  In this area, the possibilities for fishing, hunting and hiking are almost limitless. Some stretches are narrow gravelroads not suited for the largest motorhomes, but most motorhomes under about 8 meters should have no problems. Even small caravans are OK.

The trip starts when you turn into FV274 at Bjortjonna some kilometers north of Majavatn on E6. The first part takes you trough the national park and we are driving alongside “Fiplingvatnet” and slings between mountain and forest villages. Nearby Øvre Fiplingvatnet you will find Kvannli Gård which also has a campsite. Even further up along the longstretched “Fiplingvatna” you will find Strandli Gård with a small hotel, a restaurant and cheese production.

You will find “Børgefjellskolen” a little further along the FV274 if you choose to take the road on the east side of Nedre Fiplingvatn. They have rental of cabins and apartments, and it is also a verry good starting point for those who want to visit one of Norway’s most wilderness-dominated national parks. We others can at least enjoy the view towards Børgefjell, with Kvigtind and Golvertind while we drive through Storfiplingdalen. If you want to spend the night at a a fantastic freecamp we suggest a detour to Unkervatnet

After some kilometers we encounter E73 and turn right towards Hattfjelldal. After passing Grytselv fjellgård the view opens up towards the “Hatten” (The Hat 1128m) -a mountain resembling the famous headgear. If you want to spend the night at a fantastic freecamp we suggest a detour to Unkervatnet

In Hattfjelldal we turn left onto FV291 to drive alongside Røssvatnet and Okstinden. After Røssvatnes was regulated it is has 219 square kilometers surface area and Norway’s second larges lake after Mjøsa. The road largely follows the banks of Røssvatnet up to the borders of Hemnes muncipality. At the convergence of the two regulated lakes Røssvatnet and Tustervatnet you will find a large area and freecamp at Tustervasstraumen. See below.


Tustervasstraumen – Freecamping along FV291 

The road goes over to FV331 and continues to the small town Bleikvasslia. If you are travelling with kids you should stop at “Barnas naturpark” (The childrens naturepark). Here you will also find “Køtaplassen” a rebuildt southern Sami residence, a so called “Sjeltie” meaning meetingplace. 

From Bleivasslia we continue on FV806 towards Korgen and back into E6.

On the map in the sidebar we have plotted some nice freecamp sites and several places for accomodation or eating. This detour will definitely be worth your extra time on the way for north or south along the E6.