A freecampers paradise between Vestfold, Buskerud and Telemark muncipalities

The area has many gravel roads that go through thick forest, sometimes interrupted by small fishing waters and streams. Here you can really enjoy freecamping the tranquility of the forest. There are many other places for freecamping i this area.

59.3854, 9.6968


Beatiful scenery


Caravans OK


Tents OK


Possibilities for bathing


Freshwater fishing


Firepit or grill


Forest area





Trip ideas

The Halden Canal

Suggestion for a journey through a historical landscape

This route goes from Halden to Oslo. Total distance of minimum 190km. We suggest to use at least 2 days for the trip.

Click HERE for an interactive map of the freecamp sites and other information for this trip. Access to more maps and suggestions for freecamps in the area check out the book «Freecampers Guide to Norway»

Halden Canal is part of Haldenvassdraget, located close to and along the Swedish border in the southeast part of Norway.

It is the oldest of the two channels in Norway and measures 80 km from Skulerud (Akershus) in the north to Tistedal in Halden (Østfold) in the south – a great tourist attraction with a lot of historic sites in memory of timberfloating in the 1800 and early 1900’s. There are a lot of beautiful and partially untouched nature along the canal.

There are many great experiences in and along the canal. – To mention a few;  canoe trip with camp in one of the many shelters, boat trip, fortress, bicycle tours, nature adventures and much, much more.

The route is a good alternative if You have some extra time to spend when travelling via Sweden to or from Oslo:

If you already have traveled far, it is nice to have an overnight stay in Halden before the journey begins. There are many restaurants and it is very nice to visit Fredriksten Fortress in the evening. Motorhome parking can be found at 59.1164 – 11.3804. The parking can be a bit difficult to find. Alternatively, you can stay at the Halden Canal in Tistedal 59.1251 – 11.4504 (freecamping) ca 3 kilometers outside the town center, or Fredriksten Camping at 59.1154 – 11.3981 in the center of town.

Day 1 Halden – Ørje

We start the day in Halden and drive to have a look at «Brekke Sluser»  (59.1476-11.5552) the highest water lock system in scandinavia. Next we go to Strømsfoss (59.3018-11.6582) where You will find a lot of historic sites like Strønsfoss Mølle, Holth general store, waterlocks and old steam driven boat «Thor». Now its time for coffe or lunch -Try «Møllerens Hus» where You also find and interiors-shop. For a more filling lunch You can visit Furulund Cafe (59.2289-11.6954). Next stop are Ørje where You can park the motorhome for the night at «Ørje Bobilparkering» (Kr. 200,- at 59.4833-11.6523) or other freecamps nearby (see map below). We will spend the afternoon looking at the waterlocks and go to the museum nearby the locks. You can have dinner in Ørje or at «Båtcafeen» (59.4833-11.6512).

Day 2 Ørje-Skulerud-Sørumsand-Oslo

Next day after breakfast we go to Skulerud (59.6726-11.5472) to look at the end station for an old railway. The railway was dismanteled in 1960 but some parts are beeing rebuilt for historic conservation. We will more or less follow the tracks for this railway the rest of the day. Next stop are Finstadbru (59.9400-11.4339) where we find even more remnants of the railway and an old station building beeing restored. Then we travel to Sørumsand to visit «Urskog-Hølandsbanen» museumrailway (59.9862-11.2432) wich tracks we have been following this morning. If lunchtime we have several cafés and restaurants in Sørumsand. Next we travel to «Fetsund Lenser» (59.9213-11.1519) to conclude our trip along this log-driving watersystem. We end up at the freecamp site at Tryvann (59.9864-10.6664) located at Oslo’s roof, ready for excursions in Oslo.

  • Yellow = Freecamping
  • Green = Attractions
  • Blue = Museums
  • Black = Motorhome parking
  • Brown = Motorhome servicestations


Quiet and secluded site not far from Årnes

A fine and undisturbed place in the woods. Firepits and toilet on the spot. Bathing, fishing an hiking. Toll road NOK 40,- Use viapoint at 60.0261, 11.7653 for correct entrance to the site.

It is pssible to walk all around the water on gravel roads (parts are closed for traffic)

Position : 60.0370, 11.7627


Nordre Billingen

Beautiful freecamp or wildcamp in south eastern part of Norway.

Very secluded, quiet and idyllic campsite (freecamp) in the woods near the small town «Austmarka». Dirt road towards the water. This site can only take 1 camper/motorhome under 7 meters. A little steep, you must use levelling blocks. Ideal spot for fishing av bathing. Small firepit and trails into the woods around the water.

Enjoy the woodland wilderness of southeastern part of Norway near the border to Sweden.